The Collaborative Care Model: An Approach for Integrating Physical and Mental Health Care in Medicaid Health Homes

Excessive-price Medicaid  diamond   populations.
Strategies to enhance the mixing of
bodily and behavioral health care are
essential for such individuals with
complex desires. Not simplest are powerful
included strategies wished, however additionally
revolutionary payment models to cowl the
prices of care.
Health homes are one mechanism that
may be used both to integrate primary
and mental fitness care and to pay for
the vital components of greater
care management and care coordination
required for effective integration.
Authorized by using the Affordable Care Act
of 2010 (ACA) segment 2703, the
Medicaid Health Home State Plan
Option provides a mechanism to
coordinate the primary, acute,
behavioral, and long-time period and social
provider desires of centered beneficiaries.
States can hyperlink Medicaid beneficiaries
who’ve at least continual
situations, have one persistent circumstance
and are at danger for every other, or have a
severe mental illness to ahealth home
to coordinate that man or woman’s health care.
Regardless of the situations focused by means of
the health home, the associated
providers have to meet all federal and
kingdom qualifications to function fitness
houses, and ought to supply a described set of
offerings (as further delineated inside the
segment Payment Models for
Collaborative Care). Across these
offerings, a key desired outcome of the
fitness domestic version is improved
integration of primary and behavioral
fitness care delivery.
This short highlights the collaborative
care model as one approach to
enforcing incorporated care below the
health homes authority. Future briefs
from the Health Home Information
Resource Center will highlight other
proof-based or otherwise promising
models worth of consideration for
selling integrated care. Although the
model is bendy sufficient to support a
variety of chronic conditions, the
collaborative care model is extra regularly
utilized in a primary care-primarily based
technique than in the forte
mental fitness care shipping device.
Behavioral Health Services in
Primary Care
Behavioral fitness troubles which includes
melancholy, tension, alcohol or
substance abuse are a number of the maximum
commonplace and disabling fitness
situations international. They regularly cooccur with continual medical illnesses and
can appreciably worsen associated
health outcomes.1
Rates of depression
had been predicted to be 20 percentage in
Medicaid populationsand 23 percentage in
the population eligible for both
Medicare and Medicaid.2
behavioral fitness problems aren’t
correctly treated, they can impair selfcare and adherence to scientific and
mental health remedies and they are
related to bad fitness effects
and increased mortality. They are also
related to reduced work
and good sized increases
in usual fitness care fees. For
instance, Medicaid sufferers with major
depression in addition to a persistent
medical situation consisting of diabetes have
greater than twice the general health care
expenses than the ones with out
Medicaid en

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