How to Assure a Safe Parking Experience

There are all types of parking lots in a vast assortment of locations. Parking lots offer convenient access to work or shopping and are almost always safer than parking in the street. However, in today’s society, even the safest neighborhoods and parking areas can be source of danger. One can improve his or her chances of having a safe parking experience by following some common-sense guidelines and precautions.

There are two areas of consideration 안전공원 for parking lot safety: the parking lot itself and the precautions that you take as an individual.

Considerations for Choosing a Parking Lot

Parking lots can range from a poorly lit, unattended lot to a high security parking ramp with 24-hour attendance. You can dramatically reduce your safety risks by choosing a safer lot. Theft and vandalism are the most likely problems; however, assault, while less frequent, is the most serious. The following are some considerations for choosing a safe parking lot:

Is the parking lot staffed around the clock? Burglars are far less likely to target parking lots that are staffed around the clock than unattended parking lots. Many open “honor pay” lots may be closer and cheaper, but they are far more likely to be targeted by vandals or thieves.
Does the parking lot have surveillance systems? Many parking lots have security cameras that are located in strategic places throughout the parking ramp, stairwells, lobbies, and elevators. Systems that have continuous 24-hour monitoring are far more likely to deter vandalism and theft than are unmonitored lots.
Does the parking lot have alarms? Some parking lots have security alarm buttons located throughout the ramp. Loud alarms have proven to be very effective in stopping assailants.
Does the parking lot have an escort service? Many parking lots will provide an escort to and from the parking lot if you request it.
Are the parking lots regularly patrolled? Some parking ramps even have uniformed security personnel that regularly patrol the premise.
Is the parking lot located in a safe area? A lot located next to a nightclub or bar pose greater risks than do parking lots next to professional buildings.
Above all, use common sense. A well-lit parking lot with a lot of people and traffic is significantly safer than a poorly lit lot in a secluded, run-down area.
Precautions You can Take

Regardless of the parking lot design and location, there are a number of precautions that will ensure a safer parking experience:

Never leave your parking pass or ticket in the car; a thief with such a pass is more likely to drive out of a lot unchallenged by the attendant.
Never leave valuables in your car; if you must leave them behind, do not place them in plain sight. Thieves aren’t likely to risk breaking into a car unless they are sure of the “take.”
For Parking lots that require you to leave a key, do not leave any tags with personal info such as your phone number or address on the key.
Avoid parking next to the sliding-door side of a van.
Return to your car using the buddy system, walking in a group, or with a personal escort.
Take a close look around your car for any suspicious people or activity. If you’re uneasy, don’t approach your vehicle; walk away or go to the attendant office until you are sure that it is safe.
Approach your vehicle with your keys already in your hand.
Carry a whistle or other protective alarm with you.
Do a quick scan of your vehicle’s interior including the back seat before unlocking the door and entering.
Keep your vehicle locked and your windows closed when you are in the lot.
Be alert and suspicious of anyone approaching your vehicle to hand out leaflets, ask for donations, etc. Always leave the car window up.
Immediately report any suspicious activity to 9-1-1.
If someone tries to enter your vehicle, honk your horn repeatedly and try to drive away.
By choosing your parking lot wisely and using the common sense precautions provided, you will greatly reduce your risk of personal harm or vandalism to your car.

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