Single Cup Coffee Makers Mean Consistent Quality

Thousands or perhaps even millions of coffee makers are bought world-wide each year. In many instance the brewer bought happens to be of the 10-12 cups of coffee per pot variety which is fine for a large family, for entertaining, or to have at the place of work. Many coffee lovers consider themselves to be casual drinkers who may only drink 1-2 cups at a time and do not wish to consistently be pouring 8-10 cups of left over coffee down the sink. What a waste!

Furthermore, for single people or casual coffee drinkers, buying a large container of coffee to go along with your 10-12 cup brewer, when you only drink small amounts of coffee often means you are left with stale coffee by the time you can finish the can. If these problems sound familiar, then perhaps you are in need of a single cup coffee maker.

Single cup coffee brewers are just right for casual coffee drinkers and single individuals who are looking to avoid waste and still have a great cup of coffee. These coffee machines are designed to make just one cup of coffee per brewing cycle and as such the cup of coffee you end up with is often much better than a single cup of coffee from a 10-12 cup brewer.

Since the focus is on a cup of quality coffee and not quantity brewed at one time, the single cup coffee brewers are often slightly more expensive that multi-cup machines. Part of this is due to the unique way coffee is often sold for these units. Coffee comes in single servings called “pods” which are placed into the coffee maker and then the brewer is turned on. There is no need for you to grind the beans or even measure the amount needed, as all this is taken care of for you. Recently major coffee specialty stores such as Starbucks have started selling their popular blends as ready to go “pods” which has really helped the popularity of these single cup coffee brewers increase.

Even amongst single cup coffee makers, there is a range of styles and models, each having special options such as being able to set the strength of coffee, the amount of coffee per brewing cycle per pod used and even adding foam on top. Popular brand names include Senseo, Bosch, and Flavia, however there are many new players in the single cup coffee machine market now that these have become more popular.

The only real downside to the single cup coffee machines is as the name suggests, they only brew one cup at a time per pod. So if you plan on entertaining it could mean lots of running back and forth resetting the machine to make enough coffee for your guests.

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As you would expect, single cup coffee makers can be found almost anywhere coffee products and kitchen appliances are sold. A visit to your local mall or retail outlet will most certainly give you the opportunity to see just how many different brands and models of these types of coffee makers are now available. Another fantastic shopping resource is the Internet, where from the comfort of your own home, you can find information on every brand and model that you can think of and then some. Often times you will even find great deals on certain brands, only available from an online purchase, that you would never find buying from a retail store.

You do need to be cautious when buying online to make sure that you do your research first before purchasing. This means visiting coffee maker review websites, but not just any old ones will do. You must be looking for review websites that provide independent testing information along with buyer feedback. Never base your buying decision on which are the best coffee makers of this type exclusively on the judgment or opinion of the person who created the review website.

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